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Annual Physical FAQs

How long do I have to fast before having a physical exam? 
Because we typically take blood to check your cholesterol, we ask that you fast for about 8 hours before a morning appointment. If you have an afternoon appointment, there's no need to fast, but just have a light meal that morning. You may drink fluids, take medications, and eat low-fat foods, but high-fat meals will artificially raise your cholesterol levels.

Can I get my medical records online? 
Yes, you can retrieve your medical records, including test results, as well as request an appointment, request a prescription refill, and access many other options by registering with our PATIENT PORTAL

How often should I have a physical exam? 
We generally recommend a physical examination every year. However, not all insurance plans cover a yearly exam; some cover them every other year. Check with your plan and then contact us to schedule an appointment when you are ready.

Do you offer cancer screening tests in your office? 
Our offices provide stool blood testing (a preliminary test for colorectal cancer), Pap tests (for cervical cancer), and PSA testing (for prostate cancer). We are happy to refer you to the appropriate facilities for other examinations, such as mammography and colonoscopy. For information on cancer screening guidelines, visit the Web site of the American Cancer Society.


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